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A small impression of the football game

The referee whistles. Free kick. The referee places the ball resolutely close to the opponents' goal. This is a great opportunity, the audience feels it already. Everyone looks at the ball. A player stands with his back to the opponent. His teammate is ready to receive the pass. A quick check on how the keeper is in the goal. The whistle is heared. The player grabs the ball and aims, a weak pass, luckily the receiving player gets the ball under control. The player prepares for a shot. The audience is screaming, but an opponent is quickly approaching. A tap from behind, but the ball has already been shot. This causes the ball to change direction. The keeper sees it, but can no longer correct. He cannot stop the ball. Goal !!!!!

A small impression of the technology

Offense, via the referee software the team receives a free kick command. In a convenient place. The team quickly looks at the GUI, the robots know where they stand on the field. With the help of the compass, the motion administration and the image processing (vision), the self-localization algorithm that every robot runs itself has determined a position that seems to match the position of the robot on the field. The camera looks at the field via the 360 degree mirror, the field lines for self-localization are well recognized, the opponents are recognized correctly. The vision team is satisfied. Also the ball is correctly seen. Together, the robots determine the ball position to be used for the team behavior algorithm. The team behavior algorithm determines which robot will stand by the ball and which robot will receive the ball. A position on the field is determined for the robots. The robots move there.

The robots are in their position, the referee gives the start commando. We are on our way again, the tension on the side is rising. Will the recent changes be good? A robot moves towards the ball, the ball handling wheels are on, the kicker mechanism is being retracted. The robot turns a bit, now it is good looking the ball. The robot moves forward, the ball handling catches the ball. He turns to the position he has received via the WIFI, there would be the other robot. A soft shot is given. The correct amount of current through the coil has triggered the kick mechanism. It is not a very tight shot, the ball wobbles, but the other robot is able to catch the ball.

The receiving robot moves a bit towards until catching the ball. The ball handlers ensure that the ball is positioned in front of the kick mechanism. The kick mechanism is set to make a lob shot. The robot turns a bit. He quickly determines in which top corner he can shoot best. He aims. The coaches get excited, it's going well. An opponent comes from behind and hits the robot. Before the referee can intervene, the robot shoots the ball away. Instead of a nice lob shot, the collision causes another shot. An arc ball towards the outer post. The keeper was in the correct place, but now has to move quickly to a new position. He is too late and he just can see the ball passing him through the goal. Cheered by the team, the team scored.