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Practice game against Falcons - 12 January 2023

Thursday evening 12 January, after three years there is finally a derby. A practice match is scheduled between VDL RobotSports and the ASML Falcons. The teams are nervous, they haven't played against each other for a long time. In December during the MSL workshop the appointment was made to revive the traditional practice match. It was good experience for both teams, where the good points, but also the weak spots became visible.

The start-up was not smooth for both teams. We had troubles to set up the sideline computer properly. At the command of the referee to prepare for kick-off our complete team including the goalie drove to the otherside of the field. The goalkeeper was standing by the other goal when the assistant referee stopped the team. After the team was put back on the correct side and the setting was fixed, the game could start.

A robot quickly lost its way, but was able to participate again after a restart. The new robot stood on the sidelines cheering on his teammates. He has an injury to his kicker; necessary electronics could be delivered on time. After a few minutes we conceded a goal. The score quickly adds up. Then the referee intervenes. He awards a penalty, absolutely unjustified. The teams had agreed in advance that each would receive a penalty, to practice this once. Our robot was a real penalty killer, he scored with a good shot.

In the second half, the new player entered the field to make his minutes. He moves more smoothly over the field than his older teammates, but the trainers will have to give him some extra attention, so that he continues to play football. We didn't get many chances and occasionally conceded a goal. Our goalkeeper was able to reverse the agreed penalty. When the referee blew the whistle, both teams were happy were back on the field. Found enough points for each team to work on in the coming period. The next game is in a few weeks at the Falcons Nest or Robotsports Arena (who played at home already?).