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11th international MSL Workshop (2022)

Several members of the VDL Robot Sports team participated in the annual international MSL Workshop, which was organized for the eleventh time. The team helped organize the workshop. The workshop was held at TechUnited. The theme of the workshop was MSL in the next decade. The TechUnited field was transformed into a Christmas-themed presentation area. On the first day, the 7 teams gave a team presentation about their status and developments. In the afternoon there were two speakers. Fernando Ribeiro (team Minho) from Portugal gave an talk about MSL at the earliest years of RoboCup (1998-2008). Ton Peijnenburg (VDL RobotSports) gave a talk about standardization. After the talks there was an opportunity for discussion. In the evening we all had dinner together and talked extensively about the MSL and other subjects.

Saturday morning started with a joined breakfast. After breakfast there were parallel sessions on several topics: the use of artificial intelligence, how to increase the number of teams, multi-team protocol (protocol allow that players from different teams can work together as a team). There was also a demonstration of the wheelchair kicker (amigo by tech2play) to which RobotSport made an active contribution.

The photos of the event are made by TechUnited: