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Together with Falcons we won the Technical Challenge at RoboCup 2023 !

Falcons and Robotsports collaborated for this challenge. Together we presented a software framework that enables to exchange and reuse software from other teams through standardized interfaces. This technological innovation in robot soccer can accelerate the development of software for the coming years. 

An inter-team workgroup existing of a member of RobotSports, Falcons and Fontys RIF worked on the MSL Reference Architecture (MRA).
The reference architecture attempts to split the software stack needed for playing football with a MSL Robot in smaller exchangeable components with clear responsibilities and interfaces. 

During the Technical Challenge  a robot of the Falcons executed two variants of the get-ball action. One variant was created by Robotsports and other variant was created by the Falcons. The get-ball was used to demonstrate the concept to exchange components between teams. The successful demonstration was awarded with the first place at the Technical Challenge. 

Other teams gave some interesting demonstrations during the Technical Challenge. Potentially their innovations can be incorporated within the MRA and become available for other teams. 

During the Scientific Challenge Falcons and Robotsports presented the concept of the MSL Reference Architecture. This joined contribution to the Scientific Challenge was awarded with a 2nd place.