Here you’ll find new and noteworthy items about our team.

Our new robots

Our new robot is getting assembled. During the last matches we had issues with the robustness of our hardware. This started a revision of our current platform. In the last months the robot has been designed and parts were ordered. Now we are building the first new robot. 

Maker Faire Eindhoven 2019

The Eindhoven Maker Faire was again a great event. This year we had two activities. We played a match 2 against 2 on a small field. The audience was entertained with nice dribbles and a shots on the goals. For the youth there was the possibility to program the robots. Via a graphical programming environment (Snap!), they were able to let the robots drive over the field to the ball. This was done with great enthusiasm.

Festival Nacional de Robótica 2019 - Looking back

Festival Nacional de Robótica 2019

Our robots have just come back from an intensive and exhausting tournament at the Festival Nacional de Robótica 2019. Now unpacking, checking whether everything is okay and performing the first tests after the long trip.

Besides an intensive and exhausting tournament with very long days, we had interesting, learning but also funny moments. Now it is time to look back and think what can we change for future games. Are the robots gonna be upgraded? Are there gonna be new built from scratch robots? Keep an eye closed on us to get an answer to all these questions and more! Or even better, join us on this challenge to get the robots faster and smarter!

Festival Nacional de Robótica 2019 - Poster Perspective from the field Watching one or our matches during Festival Nacional de Robótica 2019 :-D The robots having a rest... :-D Working hard... ;-)