Here you’ll find new and noteworthy items about our team.

2 robots passing the ball...

Every year the rules for playing on the RoboCup MSL competition slightly change in order to make a more competitive, creative and challenging game towards 2050... In 2050 the RoboCup team winner would play against the World Cup champion!

One of these rules says that in order to score a goal, there should be a pass between two robots of the same team. Here we can see the robots training a bit :D

Our robots are becoming "superstars"... They were on TV! :-D

Our robots were on the Dutch television (NPO2) on a program about technology (and football robots ;-) ) in The Netherlands and more precisely in (the region) Eindhoven! So proud of them! :-)
This Dutch program, "Stand van het Land", could be watch on the 8th October 2017 on channel NPO2.

Check the fragment of the video out!

Our first goal during the Robocup European Open 2016

Time for an update!

It has been already a while since the Robocup European Open 2016 at the Evoluon in Eindhoven closed its doors... During the competition we learned a lot of things, we did some robot behavior and ball-handling improvements, we found bugs (real) bugs and we also solve them! :)
Look at the top-centre of the snapshot... This snapshot was taken during a match by our vision system in the goal-keeper robot and the bug was detected as an obstacle! :D

And last but not least... We scored our first goal with our new generation robots! We lost the game but at the same time we are really proud of this milestone!

Our robot got new 'gloves' ;-)

Check this out! Our robots got new ball-handling wheels. With these new wheels and thanks to its friction, the ball keeps rolling with the robot while this one is moving.

A new logo is on its way...

A new team logo and house-style is on its way. Soon you will experience it in our site!
Please check back soon...