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RoboCup MSL Robot Sports Qualification documents

Note on software: in case of questions or support, contact the team, we are willing to help and explain.
Software is a snapshot from our archive for the given date. 
Only imported software and a restricted info are removed.

Publications of Robot Sports


Past results of Robot Sports, formerly Philips Cyber Football Team

2021 Scientific Challenge 1st place
  Technical Challenge (with ASML Falcons) 3rd place
2019 European Open Gondomar 4th place
2018 European Open Torres Vedras 4th place
2017 European Open Coimbra 4th place
2016 European Open Eindhoven 2nd round
  World Cup Leipzig 1st round
2006 Dutch Open semi-finals
  Bremen 2nd round
2005 German Open semi-finals
  Osaka 3rd place
2004 German Open semi-finals
  Lisbon 2nd round
2003 German Open 1st place
  Padova 1st round
2002 German Open 1st place
  Fukuoka 2nd round

Contributions of Robot Sports and formerly Philips Cyber Football Team

MSL common simulator Connect to MSL common simulator - supporting TechUnited student
MSL Workshop 2020 co-organize workshop with Tech United
MSL refbox 2020 testing refbox
MSL Workshop 2017 co-organize workshop with Tech United and ASML Falcons
MSL Workshop 2016 co-organize workshop with Tech United and ASML Falcons
MSL Workshop 2014 facilitate practical day of the workshop and participate in workshop
ROS Workshop 2014 facilitate and participate in ROS workshop together with ASML Falcons
MSL ref box 2004 - 2014 Jurge van Eijck
MSL ref box 2015 Jurge van Eijck as tester
MSL technical committee 2006 Jurge van Eijck
Dutch Open 2006 event organization

Qualification movie

Our qualification movie can be found:


Other contributions

During the active period of Robot Sports, we have contributed in various events to promote robotics and technology education for Dutch audiences. The latest event was the Eindhoven Maker Faire, see the video fragment for an impression: